Rabbit Films has produced three short films as a way of raising awareness about the true nature of Playboy Enterprises. The aim is to illustrate the fact that Playboy, while being marketed to young women and girls as a ‘stylish’ and ‘sophisticated’ brand, is a pornography company. The films use satirical humour to expose Playboy Enterprises’ exploitative practices against women and girls as well as demonstrate some of the objections raised by the public against the company. Each film has, as it’s central character, a giant pro-feminist rabbit.

A Nightmare on Oxford Street, Interview with a Rabbit & The Rabbit Strikes Back are based on three central messages:

Playboy operates several porn-channels in the UK. Playboy often refer to women as ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’, and market their pornography with language that implies coercion and violence against women. Playboy Enterprises profits from the exploitation and degradation of women and girls.

Playboy merchandise such as pencil cases and single duvet covers are targeted to appeal to pre-teen and teenage girls. Playboy Enterprises is grooming girls as consumers of a porn brand and promoting the Playmate and Playboy bunny as something for young women and girls to aspire to.

Women and girls have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and live free from discrimination. What Playboy offers women and girls are damaging, stereotyped sex roles that promote women’s inequality. Don’t accept Playboy’s lies about who you are and what your purpose is in life.


Bin The Bunny – The Trilogy was produced by Rabbit Films in association with Scary Little Girls. Special thanks to London Feminist Network for Rabbit’s costume; Object for help with production costs; and Phoenix Cinema for screening the premiere of Bin The Bunny. The films are available to buy for £3.


In this epic three-part cinematic adventure, we follow our hero, Rabbit, on a quest to find out the truth about Playboy.

The journey starts in Oxford Street where Rabbit uncovers a trail of pink fluff and bunnies that lead to the Empire of Playboy – a land that beyond it’s inviting sparkly gates is haunted by porn-peddling baron Hef who preys on women and girls.

Rabbit embarks on a hunt and, after a high-speed pursuit, finally corners Hefner in a dark back alley.

What does our hero have in store for crusty old Pornboy? Will Rabbit reveal the secret weapon?

Is this the end for Hef?


Dworkin are a 3-piece electro band, consisting of Kate Hughes, Dickon Knowles and Rebecca Mordan. They are based in London and have played gigs at art gallery’s, cinemas, activist events as well as conventional music venues most recently the University of London Union (ULU).

They are currently working their first album “She Never Died” (working title). And are please to have their music connect to this short film, the aims of which they whole heartedly support.




5 responses to “RABBIT FILMS

  1. hellonhairylegs

    Heya, just an Aussie radfem who is leaving a message of support. Y’all rock.

    I loved the videos. Someone kicking the crap outa Hugh Hefner is so therapeutic, even if it is symbolic.

  2. I thought it was so cute when the bunny was watching Playboy with the stuffed bunnies, then when they realized what they were watching they were like “:O I let my little bunnies watch this?!”

    Awesome stuff. I also liked the bunny vs Heffer fight. I love films with kick ass women in them, including uh..kick ass female bunnies.

  3. I just wanted to say that two women on two separate occasions yesteray stopped me to tell me how much they liked my Bin the Bunny t-shirt. Thank you for producing them- there is a very real resistence to the objectification of women out there, and things like this can bring us together.

  4. Great job. These short movies should be shown to pre teens and teens everywhere

  5. I got very surprised when i visited this site;i´ve never imagined that there are people who fight Playboy in the world.Do you guys intend to extend this campaing to other countries? In Brasil,to pouse naked for Playboy is encouraged,pornography fighters have no support….that would be great to make this anti-palyboy moviment an international one.

    Great job indeed ^_^!!

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